Duck Decoys & Turkey Mouth on Rivers

coyote calls pricesMy favorite place is duck hunting in the flooded timber, but the floods come, I look back waterlogging put my finger duck decoys along rivers wider than 60 meters, wooded shore. After feeding ducks are attracted to these areas from one place to laze and unwind in the fields. placing duck decoy is important to attract ducks to this backwater swamps.

I like 2 dozen mallards Super Magnum lure, turn off and place in two or three couples, as is natural for ducks land after a group up. As an added attractant’ll put 2 widgeon, teal, pintail stay 2 and 4 outside the decoy Mallard ducks different breeds for himself. You want to leave the ducks to land in about 20 to 25 meters from the landing area to shoot a hole between duck decoys.

coyote prey callsHere is the key, the movement is what will attract ducks. I like one or two in favor of wind flyer or best duck decoys set overlooking decoys, as the same, either to arrive. In the land of the hole you want to place another wheel or manufacturer ripple water duck decoy bait movement. The ducks will focus on this movement and go directly to the landing hole you created.

Once committed by peddling his feet again and throw the lure to land. The only way out is just to get up in the trees, as they have lost their movement forward. In this situation, the herd of dragons are clean, not out. Let the chicken happen.
This bait is lethal spread of swamp water flow back, but if you want all the birds, you need to check its spread is to master the call together with the placement of duck decoys.