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Kingdom of Drachenwald – European Branch of The Society For C.A


Drachenwald is the European branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism

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General Question Answered

What is Drachenwald?

The Kingdom of Drachenwald is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Kingdom of Drachenwald covers most of Europe and South Africa. There is also a map of the Kingdom available.

The Kingdom Calendar

Date Event Branch Location
1 Nordmark Coronet Tourney Attemark Sweden
2–4 Midsummer Tourney Insula Draconis England
9–11 June Faire Schwarz-Loch Germany
16-18 Warbands VI Egaill & Harpelstane Scotland
24 Coronation RP Skellita Sweden
25 Deadline AUGUST Dragon’s Tale
30–2 July Polderslaughter XIV Polderslot Netherlands


Date Event Branch Location
1-9 Aarnimetsä Tent Camp Aarnimetsä Finland
7–9 War of the Roses V Flintheath England
8-9 GaWCC X Isengau Germany
14-16 Celtic Sheep and Garter Raids V Vielburgen Germany
21-23 Mithraic Madness II Chateau du Ciel France
25 Deadline SEPTEMBER Dragon’s Tale
28-30 Gypsy Academy III Emerald Glen Germany


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October 8

How to Buy Your Initial Quadcopter?

quad2_0If you are thinking then appears on the purchase of a Quadcopter a good place in the various web sites that offer comprehensive reviews QuadCopter.

These web pages provide details that help you choose what is best for you Drone. you really want those, you visit to many agencies overall assessment lovers QuadCopter included.

From a Micro Quadcopter into a dummy, you have a quadcopter to fit your needs. You get a truly educated and steerage QuadCopter pages of writing using the Internet to acquire.

Lately, much less than $ 80 you can possibly purchase a quadricopter with a two megapixel camera on board, films documenting affordable.

It is important to have a lot of items to get your Quadcopter account. You need to think about the availability of spare elements. If you happen to be a beginner in this exciting passion is inevitable, so you need to know-how a collision to ensure that if any damage is caused by the Quadcopter can to get the components and have the necessary and have to fix functions necessary for mannequin.

Some scenarios rquire repair using a soldering iron so it’s a great idea to buy a soldering iron and apply their welding skills. It is always suggested that you only get smaller batteries Quadcopter added only about 8 minutes of flight on a particular electrical charge.

scout_diy_quadcopterAlong with QuadCopter Overview sites, you can also browse the videos on websites like Vimeo or YouTube, information on how to correctly fly a drone. Optionally, you can also sign up with a Quadcopter Flyers group on Facebook. They are not very large in the pages of Facebook and fans will gladly offer suggestions, advice and help, tips, how to fly and get the ideal overall performance of your model.

Many products fly flying machines remote control could be improved by adding engines, larger more powerful batteries, alternative helix and body kits as they adapt. Dji Phantom has one of the best quadcopter motors.  All knowledge will be collected from study sites, Facebook pages and videos you must Stead in the quantity you want after a much more expensive up mannequin. FAA has restriction on using drones for commercial purposes.

View to read the manual in your Quadcopter and spend attention to all information. Relative to the transmitter Make sure you understand all the functionality of the dummy so that it can become a reliable wheel.

Thanks for the study of the present and I want to help you find the best Quadcopter for you. Lots of fun flying could have these drones. Enjoy!
Thanks for studying this and I hope this helps the extremely large Quadcopter for you to find. A lot of fun could during flight, to have such shares.

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